- 22 November

Digitalisation is transforming the maritime world – both as an enabler for smart decision making and by integrating the global supply chain. Smart operations are being used to reduce costs and gain competitive edge. At the same time we recognise that challenges lie ahead. Digital transformation needs strong leadership, an innovative company culture, reliable technology and transparency inside the connected supply chain ecosystem. The Maritime Leader must reshape his role to actively set the agenda for the future of the digital enterprise.

Technology is rapidly changing, new platforms, business models and collaborations evolve, the need to be innovative is imperative. How do we change our company culture, embrace innovation and enhance digital transformation? At the Maritime CIO Forum in Bergen this year we will study trends in technology, investigate the innovation roadmap and discuss best practices with digital frontrunners from both within and outside the shipping industry.

Across three key sessions we will discuss how we can identify the real digital opportunity in front of us and re-define digitalisation in maritime and transport. How can we better understand the business improvements these technologies represent?

Building on the great success of the Maritime CIO Forums in London, Athens, Singapore, Tokyo, Rotterdam, Shanghai, Marseille, Cyprus, Busan and Hamburg, Digital Ship is excited to return to Bergen to investigate the digital outlook, connectivity developments, the innovation roadmap and the latest opportunities in iShipping in the following sessions:

Session 1

The Connectivity Evolution

  • Towards always-on connectivity
  • Innovations & outlook, define direct opportunities
  • Key drivers for enhanced efficiency

Session 2

The Innovation Roadmap

  • Enabling and gaining benefit from start-ups
  • How to drive an innovation roadmap
  • Developing a transformative company culture
  • Reviewing best practices and studying Maritime’s position in the transport agenda

Session 3

The IShipping Revolution

  • The rise of advanced technologies: IoT, blockchain, autonomous shipping, AI and VR
  • The route to harmonised datasets and formats
  • Developing a transformative company culture
  • Tools to build digital competence and harness talents
  • Learn from experts in other domains

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Confirmed speakers:

  • Matt Duke, Chief Business Process Officer, Grieg Star

  • Mark Wootton, CIO, YILPORT Holding

  • Peter Sand, Chief Shipping Analyst, BIMCO

  • Rear Admiral Nick Lambert, Director, NLA Associates, Former UK National Hydrographer

  • Rob O’Dwyer, Editor, The Digital Ship

  • Maren Hjorth Bauer, CEO and Co-Founder, Katapult Ocean

  • Fredrik Harloff, Chief Technology Innovation Officer, GC Rieber

  • Björgólfur Hávardsson, Innovation Manager, Seafood Innovation Cluster

  • Sue Terpilowski, President, WISTA UK & Chairman Ports, Maritime and Waterways Sector, The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport

  • Jacob Greig Eide, Chief Business Development Officer, ScanReach

  • Markus Sandelin, CEO, Pentonet

  • Giampiero Soncini, Director, KZM Management

  • Tom Erling Hansen, VP Sales, Europe North, Marlink

  • Rolf Berge, Director Products, Energy, Speedcast

  • Jason Abbott, Executive Director, Iridium

  • Kyle Hurst, Director Maritime Business, Iridium

  • Tor Skeie, Managing Director, Palantir

  • Martin Buhl, VP Maritime Sales, KNL Networks

  • Dominic Hibberd , Senior Cyber Security Manager, Darktrace Industrial

  • Eric Hoogenbosch, Director Retail, Inmarsat

  • Cathy Hodge, Director, The Digital Ship